"Layer State Scenes" from the Wiley book "The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture"

I am working in Sketchup 2016.

I recently acquired the Wiley book “The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture”. In this book, on pg. 115-117, the author makes reference to, and has illustrations of, “Layer State Scenes”. Any ideas folks as to how the author accomplished these tables.

I understand that he was working in an older Sketchup but there appears to be no avenue to imitate his tables.

I have that book and it is something of a Bible to me as it taught me how to use SU as a serious communication tool.

I think the tables that show on those pages are not screen grabs but simply a graphical way the author uses to show the various settings he is suggesting. In practice, the various parts of those tables are elsewhere within SU.

If you mean how did he create those tables outside SU, then I guess you could do something like that with pretty much any spreadsheet or word processor software.


Thank you

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