Layer list order and repeat lines


Can one of the community please tell me if you can change the list order of the layers on the window? I would like to move layers in the list up or down or at least make them alpahabetic. Also is there any easier way to repeat parallel lines? It seems very tome consuming to keep drawing repetitive lines when for example drawing horizontal equi-distant cladding.


The layers in the window, with the exception of Layer0 which always stays at the top, are sorted in alphabetic order by name. You can click in the top stripe to choose between ascending and descending order. Note that numbers are also sorted as if letters in words, so, for example, “10” comes before “2” just as “as” comes before “b”.

You can use the array-copy feature of the move tool to generate a whole set of parallel lines in one step.

If you have a predetermined spacing, draw one line, select it, activate the move tool and press ctrl (opt on Mac) to switch to copy mode. Drag the copy over by the desired distance in the required direction (type the value to make the distance exact), hit enter to fix that distance and then immediately type 10x enter (or *10 - use whatever number of copies instead of 10).

If you have a predetermined total space that you want to split evenly, instead move the first copy to the final position and then type /10 enter.


Here’s a quick gif showing the array Steve is talking about.


Thank you once again. Although a newbie to this forum and the world of Sketchup believe it or not, I am making progress! I can’t believe how much everyone seems to know on this site. At the same time I find so many of the relatively simple answers to my questions are not readily findable elsewhere.


You are welcome! The info is actually documented in most cases, but not always easy to find - especially if you don’t know the right term to search. A large part of what the group here provides is simply “been there, done that”.


Thank you both. The lines should have been obvious to me as a process but I still struggle sometimes with the Sketchup mindset after drawing in 2D previously and that was years ago.As for the layer order, I was surprised when the order changed away from alphabetical. It never entered my mind that somewhere previously I must have changed it to reverse order! There is nothing to beat experience.


BTW on another note regarding layer order, I am surprised you can’t select the layer, right click and rename it. The only way I have managed to change the name is to destroy the layer, transfer everything to layer 0 and then add another. Again seems a bit convoluted is there an easier a quicker way?


Have you tried a double click?


Just done it and of course it worked. Feeling really stupid now…
Don’t know if I am brave enough to to show my face again!

Many thanks


You are only stupid when you don’t ask.
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