Latest SKU update crashing when using Skalp


Has anybody else had problems with the latest release of SKU pro 17 & Skalp? My program is crashing, this is the 4th time, sent bugsplat to SKU team no response yet. Trying to finish project for client & cant get it done if I cant figure this out
Any suggestions

Mac pro / EL cap OS


@jeroen - have you heard of similar issues?


@de71855, …

(1) What information did you supply in the BugSplat dialog, so the team can look up your crashes in the database ?

(2) Your IT info in your member profile is incorrect:


Hey Dan I gave them the info , OSX 10.11.6 & AMD Radeon HD 7xxx 3072 MB Graphics card. I’ll correct my info on my profile, sorry about that




No, I have not heard of this crash on mac. It may have to ask Guy.
However, I am investigating a bugsplat issue on windows that appears to occur for some of our users (very rare). They see a bugsplat directly upon requiring our ruby C-extension. From the bugsplat log we suspect one of the dependencies of x64-msvcrt-ruby220.dll I hope to contact you on this later, when I hope to have a reproducible scenario. At this time I can only see the splat on the clients computer via screensharing.


Skup '17 just crashed again when I was using Skalp again. Sent a bug splat in Crash Report #22722. Need some help from Sketchup team!!! Haven’t received any reply emails from SketchUp team or Skalp.



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