Lastest version of Sketchup Pro 2015?

Hi there

I use Sketchup 2015 Pro 64 bit (version i 15.3.331)

  • and when i start sketchup i get a popup that says there is a new version.

I’m then directed to a webpage where i can download different versions of sketchup.

  • i select Sketchup 2015 Pro 64 bit (SketchUpPro-2015-3-331-70959-en-x64)

but isn’t that the same version i already have?

when i start the downloaded file - i can select repair or remote - not update?


the latest version is SU v16 so if you want to stop the reminders, you need to either upgrade from v15 or turn off ‘check for updates’…


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ah ok - thanks.