Last version of SU Pro Classic (perpetual version)

Is the last version of SU Pro Classic (perpetual) version: 21.1.332 ?

Do you mean perpetual? The last possible version you could have with the Classic license is SU2021.

Yes, 21.1.332 is the latest version of SketchUp 2021, and there hasn’t been a way to buy a permanent 2022 Classic license.

Yes, sorry for the typo error…grrrr… :roll_eyes:

Thanks Colin,

I thought I’d better just check, as I only use SU-Pro-2021 now & then these days but still quite engaging & fun to use. Why I ask is that when I do fire up my SU-Pro-2021.1.332; I get the upgrade reminder pop-up (see attachment). But realising, its not for any new versions of SU Pro Classic (perpetual).

Go to Window/Preferences/General and untick Allow checking for updates and you shouldn’t be prompted with that again.

It hasn’t always been that way, I’m not sure why some versions work differently to others. Generally it should let you know when there is a new update for the version you are using, but with 2018 and 2021, you get alerted to the later version update.

The updater doesn’t check to see if you have a subscription or Classic license, and so tells you about the update anyway.