Laser measuring tools or similar

With the ipad version proving to be popular I am looking to take my drawing on the road. I draw buildings of all shapes, sizes and uses.

Has anyone got a laser measure they would recommend?

It would be great to go onto site measure an external wall and draw it straight away on an Ipad.

It would also be helpful if it had an angle finder so I could use trigonometry to work out the height of buildings.

I use a Bosch Blaze outdoor laser with a view finder. I’ve tried to use indoor lasers without view finders outside and have to say I don’t think they are worth it. You just can’t see the laser well enough without a view finder to make good use of them.

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I’ve used Leica Distos for decades, but mine is pretty old and you can get much smaller ones now. On the exterior, I find it helpful to bring a small chunk of white Foamcore and ducktape. I tape it sticking out from an outside corner, and use that as a target with the laser from the apposing corner. Big enough to be an easy target, and white makes the dot easier to see, which is all helpful outside. Of course, I also use Matchphoto which reduces the quantity of measurements I need to make, but that’s another story.

See my kit here:

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Like Robert, I use Leica Distos – my current one one is the D510.

It has bluetooth and can transfer measurements to the Leica app but I find it much easier to use pen and paper and taking lots of photos.

I think most of the Leica Distos have a height function but point to point (P2P) is only available on the X4 and S910.

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Thanks for your answers I will look into the recommendations. This has been very helpful.