Leica blk3d + sketchup / laser measurement + sketchup

I am currently using:
iphone app mymeasures pro
leica disto e7100i to laser measurements

Has anyone had experience using leica blk 3d + sketchup ?

I use mymeasure app to take photos of back of houses,
then use leica disto e7100i to laser measurements on the app (not using a tape measure) then reference those photos on my iphone while drawing in sketchup

is there anyone who has used leica blk 3d with sketchup?
is there any way to make my process better or faster or easier?
Thank in advance for any help

I use a mixture of measuring with a Leica Disto and Match Photo. Measurements are for what’s critical and over all dimensions of Match Photo objects, and Match Photo provides context and whatever else isn’t terribly critical dimensionally. I’ve looked at info on the Blk, but stopped at the price tag. I’m skeptical of any magic bullet technology solution. I attended the laser scanning session at 3D Basecamp, and despite all that whiz-bang expensive technology, it still requires a human being to interpret the scan and turn it into a SketchUp model.

Few days ago I watched a guy from Russia which used Leica s910 with SketchUp. Looks very promising. https://youtu.be/TioGySm2Uac?t=217

Update on December 30 2020.
I own a BLK3D and have and a Desktop Base Subscription and a 3D model subscription. Only with the 3D Model subscription one can export measurements in dxf. These measurements are as accurate as you are able to place the dimension lines in the photo. These are good enough for most drawings.

If you really want to have accurate measurements the Leica 3D disto produces very accurate dxf-files which can be imported in SketchUp and many other CAD-suits. I own that one as well.