GLM 50 CX Bosch Laser and Sketchup

Hello I would like to use my Bosch GLM 50 CX laser and windows tablet with sketchup installed on site to create models. Will the bluetooth capabilities of the laser communicate with sketchup to import the measurment readouts directly so they do not need to be entered manually as I measure. If so how can I do this?

I was looking at that same model as a solution. Unfortunately there is no Bosch data transfer utility that allows you to import captured measurements into SU.

The data can only be used inside the 2 Bosch apps (Floorplan / Document & Measure). They also haven’t published any API for developers to build a data bridge to other software.

Leica, on the other hand, does have a data transfer utility that allows for import into certain 3rd party software.

It’s a big miss for Bosch — and a frustration for users — that severely limits the utility of an otherwise excellent laser distance measurer.

Any idea if Leica works with sketchup and what is needed to make it happen?

Leica doesn’t have an app-specific solution for SU. They have several Transfer apps for Android and Windows — which is the reason I gave them a pass, as I’m on MacOS and iOS. (Their own Disto Sketch app is available for both Android and iOS)

The various Transfer apps allows for:

  • direct import into Excel
  • direct import into AutoCad
  • transfer measurement to current cursor position in any Windows app (which may work with SU, though seems like an awkward workflow)

They also have hooks that allow direct measurement transfer into Room Planner (Chief Architect), OrthoGraph and SiteDraw Lite amongst others.

Here’s their site page which lists software/transfer app options:

It would be nice if their was a seamless solution for using SU with BlueTooth-enabled LDM’s, but so far everything seems a bit of a kludge, at best.

With the GLM 50C Bosch Laser Measure and their accompanying software “MeasureOn” app (free for Android and IOS - which replases the GLM Measure and GLM Floorplan apps) you can export to an .xls file the list of measurents taken with the 50C that were downloaded via bluetooth. I used the Notes app to transfer the .xls file to my Mac desktop instantly but there are a few other ways to do it.