As-Built Plugin or App

Has anyone had any luck using any apps or sketchup plugins for collecting as-built information? If so which one does everyone like the best?

Laptop, SketchUp, tape measure or laser, ladder. You can do it yourself but it is ineeficient. Better to have 2 people running about the rooms / structure and 1 person flying the laptop.

Otherwise you can look at point cloud / laser scanning. But I’m not sure how cumbersome that is these days in SKP…


Could try using the Bosch MeasureOn app → .jpg, .jpg → SU. You’d have to trace the .jpg in SU.

This is how we do. A printed sheet and a tape measure and a laser. Although I did just buy a new laser that has BT connection to my phone and iPad. I’ve only played with it a bit but it is pretty slick.

The other thing I’ve done (when solo) is to setup my GoPro on a tripod and record myself calling out dimensions. Did a kitchen and great room that way once for a timber package that was installed to the as-built conditions. Gives you a video record of what you are doing so you can reference it later.

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To follow on the Bosch laser and MeasureOn app… if you’re going to use the laser outdoors and over longer distances get a model with a view finder. The laser dot isn’t large enough to see at long range.

The app has limitations but works. They’re developing a cloud solution as well.

Bathroom lower.pdf (11.7 MB)

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Yeah I don’t use mine outside.

I started with the GLM 50 C. I wish they had a 3 way self-leveling outdoor laser. That could be a handy tool.

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