Laod error Notice/ Update extensions

I uninstalled Skalp and now when loading a file I get a list of error loading messages that seem to relate to Skalp. Anyone know how to get rid of it? Also now have Extension flag popping up that says 2 extensions require attention. When I go to extensions they are Dynamic components and Trimble. When clicking to update say unsuccessful. Seem to have had this before but can’t remember the remedy. Any advice from anyone please? Many thanks.

Skalp is something else, you need to check how you uninstalled it or at least show us the error message.

As for the others, normally you just need to sign out and back in again to get them to update.
If not then open the E warehouse from the window menu and sign out there and back in then install.
Or go to the E Warehouse via a browser and download them and install via the Extension Manager.