Landscape from google earth?

I am working on reality and I am new to skethcup but not 3d modeling. I was wondering, how would I get landscape data/info say for miami beach? I would like ot get that data and try mideling it from a picture. I have heard of topo lines but I see now example of actually making a ral life scene of somewhere.
any info or advice would be really gratefull.

Note: this only works with Pro. It used to work with all older versions including Make, but now only works in Pro. I find this disappointing.

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Below you can find a tutorial-like content on Importing DEM Files for Terrain.

This website has most of the terrain data worldwide:

1- Note that sign-up needed for downloading data.
2- Search for your location.
3- Choose “ASTER GLOBAL DEM” or “SRTM 1 Arc-Second Global” as your data. (Not sure which one is better but i think SRTM is newer)
4- If there are more than 1 option to choose, download GeoTIFF format (then convert it to USGS ASCII DEM file format that SketchUp reads natively with software called 3DEM. This software reads/converts/saves different types of height data and let’s you crop those data maps (When data is so huge, SketchUp crashes).
5- Import DEM file to SketchUp (don’t forget to click options and increase points number for higher detail)

You can clean the mesh with CleanUp³ extension.

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The source for the data does not supply it for free so it makes sense that only pro users would be able to access it.

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