Earth USGS Topographical Elevation Data

Hello All,

Does anyone here use for USGS Elevation data?

How is the best way to import either DEM, SHP or other FIles from the USGS Site? These are an amazing resource of elevation and other files but i am struggling to know how if at all possible to open in sketchup… Which is a shame as all the data is right there!!


I am looking to import data from USGS either SHP, DEM or whatever i can to get a terrain file! I have downloaded all of the files from USGS (Attached WeTransfer Link) and the co-ordinates are:

Lat: 33’ 48’58
Long: 035’ 34’ 42

In Bsous, Lebanon around the Silk Museum.

Any help would be truly appreciated. I have tried various importers and i just cant get sketchup to import it…

Any advice…?


Hi, check my related post about importing DEM files:

… and for the “skinny” on importing terrain data from the SketchUp User guide:

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