Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

I want to import a digital elevation model (DEM) file. USGS currently makes these files in several formats (ArcGrid, GridFloat & IMG), but none seem to be acceptable to SU’s import function. After searching on the web, I seem to find that SU wants an old ascii format, and I was able to use open source GIS software (QGIS) to save my DEM in what appears that format. Then, after SU accepted that file for import, it opened what seemed a trouble report and said it would transfer the pertinent files for inspection, etc.

I’ve heard nothing since (a week ago). Can I expect a response, and maybe even a fix, work around, etc.?

I don’t have an answer but wanted to add that I would also like to know why importing DEMs doesn’t seem to work as smoothly as it should. I’ve got it to work before, but I don’t remember all of the weird settings. It is definitely not as easy as importing just any DEM.