Terrain modeling ideas needed


I was looking for a way to do terrain modeling, but since it is not available from within SketchUp any more, and the SRTM files online aren’t available anymore as .DEM files, what can I do to get done what I need to get done?


What do you need to get done?

That’s pretty broad. If you can be more specific we can point you in the right direction. Feel free to include screenshots, model uploads, links, whatever to help clarify what it is you need to accomplish.


Before March of last year when Google no longer supported geolocation, I was able to grab some terrain for planning purposes, since that service has ended what can we do now to accomplish the same situation?, The USGS no longer supports file formats that SketChup supports


Got it. You can still Geo-Locate models with terrain and aerial imagery if you have upgraded to SU2018. If not you can try other open sources for terrain data. Depends on your level of accuracy needed.

I like CadMapper. It’s free and pulls info from Open Street Maps. See screenshots below. Once you download your area, just grab a Google Earth Screenshot and scale and align manually. Then paint your terrain with the aerial as a texture. Bonus is you get buildings and roads too (where available).


I won’t be upgrading to 2018, for what I do it is simply not justified, I mainly just mess around a bit, and draw what I may have dreamed about, at some point or another. I will look into Cadmapper though. Thanks for your reply