Importing terrain from google earth not possible in SU 2016

I am puzzled about what is going on with scetchup. I have always been able to generate terrain from google earth in my SU 2016 pro. Now I suddenly get a popup telling me it is not possible. What is the case here? Has google earth changed their file formats or has Sketchup somehow disabled this?

Google stopped providing terrain data and imagery for SketchUp about a year and a half ago. In versions 2017 and 2018 the terrain data comes from Digital Globe, and in earlier versions the feature stopped from working because Google disabled it. So the “always” you refer to cannot be very frequently.

Whilst you were away, last year in March 2017, the following announcement was released …

Thank you Dan. This means I am forced to update. Too bad because my licence for that has expired and I must buy Sketchup again.
I have not wanted to update because of the tedious and time consuming task of migrating all plugins again and starting from scratch every time Sketchup announces a new update. I guess Im paying for that now.
I have even considered quitting SU for good because of this.

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