Labeling text on a SketchUp model

I am a infection control technician at a hospital and we used Sketchup to create a 3-d model of a floor of the hospital. And we wanted to label certain areas with specific sets of information regarding those areas . The issue we are having is that there is so much info much of the text overlaps and becomes messy, is there a way I can align the text in a way that is not crowded, or only toggle to view text for a specific portion of the model when its needed?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (the web-based version). You should not be using that version in the first place.

To do what you want, use SketchUp Pro and LayOut. You have a lot more control over the labels and their text in LayOut since that’s a paper space environment instead of a 3D model space as in SketchUp.

@DaveR is right. You’ll have the control you want only in Layout. I guess the text size can be reduced in Sketchup model. But that won’t get you too far.

is there a way to import the 3-d model from SketchUp into layout? for example this is a floor where I displayed a 3d model of the areas where a positive environmental sample came up. I used the arrows to denote the exact areas in the 3-d space that correlate to the real life room, that came up positive and the history of them. Is there a way to do this in layup?

@DaveR Thank You in advanced

Get SketchUp for desktop and install it. LayOut will install with it.
Open the SketchUp file in SketchUp for desktop and create scenes to show the various views of the model.
Use File>Send to LayOut.
Select the appropriate paper size for the project.
Set up viewports using the scenes you created.
Use the Label tool to add the needed labels.

Probably you should spend some time learning to use SketchUp and LayOut at