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I have made a drawing and put measures on and other labels. But suddenly the label function doesn’t work. When I try to make a label it turns red. Whatever I write disappears…?? HELP!

This is in LayOut? What version of LayOut? Please complete your profile.

Share your LayOut file so we can see what you are getting and help you without guessing at the problem.

Thanks DaveR for your reply. It’s LayOut 2020.

OK. So only maroon when selected. That indicates you are putting them on a shared layer so if that layer is visible on other pages, those entities will show up there, too.
Screenshot - 3_17_2020 , 10_23_10 AM

You should correct the reversed faces and if you hold Alt while dragging out the dimensions, you can get them into a better position.

Can I come visit you after this COVID thing is done?

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Thanks! I somehow had created a new layer. Deleted the new layer, and now it’s all good!
I appreciate the quick answer.

For sure, you are welcome :).

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