Label tool and linework in Layout improvements


We rely heavily on Layout for our construction documents. There are a couple of things that we would realy need:

Label tool (2022):

  • Coordinates(x,y,z) label currenlty only read ‘default’ world coordinates. If I change axis location is Sketchup model it doesn’t reflect in Layout coordinates.
  • We need option to specify units/precision for labels. Label tool currently only uses units as they are specified inside the Sketchup model. This prevents us to use different units and precisions for labels tool in Layout.

Line work:

  • its very cumbersome to add new lines/shapes to existing lines/shapes.You have to use cut and join tool to do this. Layout line tool - YouTube
    We could work much faster if we could just click on line to cut it and continue adding shape from there similar to how it works inside Sketchup modeling. sketchup linework - YouTube

  • as mentioned in this post it would be very useful to be able to define line type alignment (left, right, center)

This would have to be a user option for the line tool.

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