Kitchen Plugin

Recommended free (or inexpensive) kitchen plugin that allows for US customary units.

CabinetSense, CabinetMaker, etc.

When searching Extension Warehouse for CabinetSense:

While not a plug-in, I’ve found KraftMaid’s dynamic components in 3D Warehouse to be well done.

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Cabinet Sense is between 25, 50 or 75 USD per MONTH.
CabMaker 4 is about 100 USD - one time payment.
SketchThis is 50 USD per MONTH

Compare features.

Comparable features? Or, are you telling me to compare their features?

You should compare features for the plugins that you are considering.

I’ve looked at Click-Kitchen, but haven’t tried it.

Click-Kitchen is pretty much IKEA using Dynamic Components.
CabMaker does not use Dynamic Components and is very light weight for designers, architects and CNC shops.

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also look at Oob Cabinets

I’ve been using cab maker almost on a daily basis for about 3 months now and so far i’m quite happy with it. it takes a few minutes to get all the standard settings right but once that’s all set it only takes minutes to drop all the cabinets for the kitchen. one really nice thing about it is it shows you all the hardware that you will need such as door knobs, drawer pulls, door hinges, drawer guides, shelf brackets etc,


CabMaker 4 has just been released. You can now have multi panel doors 4 X 4 and also use them for attached side panels (Fridges etc.) and also for finished backs (islands etc.)

For example

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Thank you for sharing this here.