Keyboard keys change

I have just started using sketchup, downloaded ext to correct mistakes now the “A” and tab keys hyperlink to web page “how to get help in windows”???
Any ideas guys?

Exactly what extension did install?

Sorry DAve (A’s) are in cApitAls, so fAr A,Q,1 & tAb keys Are Affected. I downloAded ext thAt corrects mistAkes, not sue even where to look to find the nAme of it, thAnks for the help so fAr

Where did you download it from, surely you can find what it is from where you downloaded it. Is it a sketchup extension or something else? Corrects what mistakes, what is it designed to do?

I hAve just stArted using sketchup, I downloAded from the sketchup forum site, it corrects errors thAt Are mAde during drAwing, mAybe it chAnges keys for fAster work. just cAnt work out how to look for keyboArd shortcuts, driving me nuts:weary:

It would be worth uninstalling this extension, whatever it is… even if it’s only done in the name of troubleshooting.

Ideally, if you’re installing new software onto your computer, it’s best to run that software for at least a short period of time; and long enough where you know that it’s working on it’s own. It’s important to know that SketchUp runs on your computer correctly, before you get into all of the fun extension stuff.

Adding in the extra element of complication by way of installing extensions just goes to cloud up the issue.

Try opening up the Window to the SketchUp Extension Manager, and see if you can recognize it from the list of extensions.

Unfortunately I can’t offer an exact menu path to that because I’m not running on a Windows Machine. and what I see is a little different than you.

Try something like… >Window >Extension Manager . . . (which is where its located on my computer).

Before you worry about keyboard shortcuts, you have to figure out what you installed that is screwing up your keys. You have to give us something to work with and whatever it was, you clearly need to get rid of it because it isn’t helpful.

@JimD is correct. Look in Window>Extension Manager and figure out what it is. Then remove it.

It’s unusual that a SU plugin would effect the keyboard while typing in a forum message box.

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if the A is capitalised on your forum posts when SU is closed, then it has nothing to do with ruby extensions…



Hi Jim,
ThAnks for the reply, I reAd your messAge on my phone which contAins your whole messAge, but on my lAptop the messAge finishes At cloud up the issue.
Sorry for the slow replies, I dont hAve the luxury of continuous connection as I Am trAvelling.
I cAnt find where the extention resides, I went into downloAds & deleted some I cAnt even log into trimble I get this messAge
{“trimbleid”:“26ddd578-346d-408f-bc2d-6af49f997a26”,“authid”:“100993832680565213889”,“authsource”:“",“email”:"”,“firstname”:“Greg”,“lastname”:“Hay”,“image”:“",“sketchupKey”:"AuthKey 20afc071-5b38-4fe1-b197-e1209f857f83”}
No I dont know how to delete the extention sorry:weary:

Looks like it’s been solved, the A in weAry isn’t capitalized…

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Ha ha i so wish. I can hit “a” in lower case which stays in the text box
but i then have to close the web page and go back to typing

FYI I think the keyboard is the issue it’s in surgery now, let you know :grinning:

Ended up being the keyboard, just coincidence starting sketchup😠, anyway,
still don’t know the steps to even login to sketchup free version, can go
to forum & logim but not trimble??

Best Regards,

Greg Hay

Mobile 0423 149 343

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