Kerkythea options missing


I have an issue with Kerkythea - the standalone program, not the SU Plugin which appears to a common issue.
Im running SU2018 and was using Kerkythea 2008 Echo for my rendering and have been using it without any issues. However, I’ve installed the new Kerkythea 2018 boost and now have a major issue with much of it missing.
Previously, there where presets that could be selected from a dropdown menu - that no longer appear and the menu is empty. All materials, scenes and included geometry are also all missing.
Some people have commented that there should be a specific set of folders in the installation location that contains all these missing elements but the folders are not there at all.
Ive searched my machine for the folders and there is no trace of any folders anywhere.
Im running windows 10 with SU2018 and had no problems with the previous kerkythea Echo with this version.
Ive tried installing it on a windows 7 machine with SU2017 but its exactly the same with the same folders missing. Obviously its a problem with Kerky 2018 Boost buts its incredible annoying as i can no longer use it. Unfortunately, i dont have an older version to revert to or even to copy the folders from.
This appears to be a huge issue with many effected users but nobody seems to know why and the Kerkythea forum is as good as dead so no answers from there.
I’ve searched the web for a previous version with no joy but i dont want to spend the sort of money they ask for Vray as ive already spent enough on SU and i its taken me a long time to get to know Kerky so i dont really want to change to any other software.
Is there anybody out there that know about the problem or where i could obtain a previous copy of Kerkythea or a copy of the install folders ?
Many thanks in advance.


Did you uninstall your original Kerkythea 2008 Echo 32-bit ?


See this topic in the Kerkythea Forum.


Kerkythea Home


It was installed onto a fresh Windows. This was the only reason i released it had updated as ive always used 2008 Echo.


Thank you for the link. However, this refers to 2008 Echo Boost and not 2018 Boost !. I never had an issue with 2008 !


Thank you for the link. However, This is just the download link for the Latest version (the one im having the problem with). Also, it does offer materials and scenes but not the configuration files !.


Show me screen-shots of what is missing, please. I will either give you a solution or forward the details to Giannis.


I had a wierd install issue with this kind of behaviour. It turned out that Kerkythea had a folder under C:/ProgramData/Kerkythea, however it was installed to a different partition. I had to copy the content of the first folder to D:/Program Files/Kerkythea Rendering System

It helped, i got back the missing menu/option items.