Kerkythea Install (Sept 2018)


Apologies for posting this here but somehow I’ve been blocked from access to the KerkyThea website.
I’m running SU2018 on a MBPro OS X El Cap, 2.93 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA Ge Force 9044 M 256 MB.
I have Windows 10 Installed on Parallels for occasional PC use.
The Kerkythea download version for Mac OS is also desingated for Windows. When I downloaded Kerkythea - Windows opened up on Parallels. I shut it down. Went to the Kerkythea Forum, for which I had previously registered, but was given a screen that told me I was blocked from the website.
Then I went to the Extension Manager in SU to see if the SU2KT3_19.rbz file was there but I could not find it. It does exist, however, in my Download Folder.
Can anyone direct me to instructions that tell me how to open the SU2KT3_19.rbz file in SU2018 within OS X on my Mac.


Well, as for the SU2KT extension, simply downloading it doesn’t install it. In SketchUp, go to Window>Extension Manager and click on Install Extension. Navigate to the Downloads folder, select the extension file, click on Open and then Yes.

Now, as far as the Kerkythea site, I don’t know why you would be locked out of it. That seems pretty weird. I guess I would shut down your internet browser and clear its caches. Then try again.

I just tried downloading the Mac version and got the expect .dmg file.


Thank you.
I think that worked but it’s hard to tell.
A small Kerkythea toolbar has appeared. So I’m off to find the KT instructional.
But before I go : my Extension Manager says the SU2KT extension is “unsigned”
Do I worry about that?


That’s a good sign.

Nope. It’s really not a problem unless you set the loading permissions to not allow unsigned extensions. That one is just fine, though. No need to worry about it.


Thanks for your help.
I emptied cache and got back to the KT homepage just fine.

I’ve posted the following question to the KT forum but there is a reply time lag.
Question concerns scaling in KT:
If 1KT = 1Meter
Must I build my SU model in metric in order to render accurately in KT?


I’m not sure what you mean by “render accurately.” I draw my models at full size in SketchUp, usually in fractional inches with most of the furniture I use. Then I set up scenes in SketchUp that translate into cameras in KT. Sometimes I’ll move the camera in KT but that’s rare. And since I often combine image exports from SketchUp with the rendered image from KT, I need the camera to be set the same in both. Using the SU scene for the camera in KT makes it so the images are a perfect match.

I’ve never had any reason to think about a scale in KT and since it’s a perspective view, I don’t think scale is much use.


Here’s why I ask in the first place, it’s a screen shot from the KT "Getting Started pdf which everyone says read before asking questions etc… :
(KT Forum still has no response so thanks again )

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 9.45.34 AM.png


I see. If I read that, it was a hundred years ago.

As far as I’ve seen, if the model is drawn as full size in SketchUp, the scale will be correct in KT.

I guess if I were you, I would try exporting a SketchUp model you’ve drawn to the correct size by using the SU2KT exporter and see what happens.

FWIW, I just drew a cube that is 1 meter on a side and exported to KT. This is what I see.

I think it works just fine.


Okay - will do.


I’ve uninstalled Parallels and Window10 … at least I think I have, took a HUGE amount of time.

I reinstalled KT, at least I think I did, and have asked SU to export a model to KT. This screen shot is what comes back.
I do not understand what the screen is asking me to do?

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 1.50.28 PM.png

I assume the screen is asking me to find the KT program. But that is “inside” or plugged in to SU at this point. Do I click on the SU2018 icon. … I’ll try.


It’s asking you to save the XML file and wants you to choose the location. I normally save the XML file in the same directory as the SKP file.

FWIW, you have reversed faces in your model that should be corrected prior to applying materials or rendering.


I’m not paying enough attention to file extensions - I guess.

Thank you for the tip on reversed faces.

BTW - hard for me to tell if the KT forum is active. I’m trying - really am.