KT Install trouble (Sept 2018 redux)


Well, I’m reposting so DaveR can possibly catch a break from me.

I’m running a MacBPro. I uninstalled Parallels and Windows10 today.

I’m now trying to install KT. It seems to apper as functions within SU like a toolbar and a flyout in the SU menu bar, but I’ve yet to see any glimmer of the KT - GUI.

I have exported a SUModel into KT and saved the .xml file but that’s as far as I get.
The screen shot posted here shows the location of the.xml file. in the far right column. The thumbnail logo accociated with that file appears to show the Parallels logo: two vertical red lines.

Anybody got wisdom for me?

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 3.37.49 PM.png


The SU2KT extension presents itself as a toolbar and Kerkythea Exporter in the Extensions menu.

How did you install Kerkythea, the application? If you installed it correctly, you should find it listed in Applications.

Did you read the Install.txt file and install the required file from the link?


On a PC…
Upon completing the .xml export, there’s a dialog that asks if you want to open the exported model in Kerkythea.

Does the same dialog appear for you?



FWIW When I were using Kerkythea, using that “yes” option resulted in nothing happening. A You Tube video I saw also said not to use that option as it were quirky in their case too. I don’t know why it didn’t work that way for me.

Instead, I exported the model to Kerkythea and answered “no” to “do you want to open in Kerkythea”. I then opened Kerkythea on its own and opened the exported .xml from there.


As Ian indicated, you need to open Kerkythea on its own and then open the saved XML file. It’s a much more seamless operation on PC but it works just fine on the Mac. I’ve just reinstalled it today. Had it on the Mac but rarely used it so I had removed it. Once you have XQuartz installed and Kerkythea installed in Applications, you should be all set.


Ah, I missed the MAC part. I suppose my comment might be a tad more relevant for the PC readers out there unless that issue is cross platform.


On the PC for me, the SU2KT exporter opens KT just fine. You have to show it where the KT exe is the first time after a new installation. On the Mac that doesn’t seem to help.


The dialog box has appeared for me and I answered ‘yes’ to it each time. I will now try answering ‘no’

KT does not appear in my Applications folder. I downloaded KT from the KT website and installed it through Extension Manager found on the Menu Bar in SU.

The “Install.txt” file that DaveR mentions is something I have missed entirely. I’ll go now in search of it.

Oh … and “XQuartz” never heard of that.


The thing you installed through the Extension Manager is only the SU2KT extension. It is not Kerkythea. To install KT, open the DMG file you downloaded. Read the txt file and install the XQuartz file it links to. Then drag the Kerkythea folder from the DMG file to Applications. With all that done, you’ll be able to open Kerkythea by going to Kerkythea in Applications and double clicking on the Exec icon. The dark rectangular icon labeled Kerkythea.


Yep, while you must have been typing I found the .dmg file and the Install.txt.


Reading installation instructions has been known to prevent installation issues.


Yes, well I’m feeling about as intelligent as a worm just now.
Apologies to all.


So I click on the KT folder in Applications and this is what I get:

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 6.26.15 PM.png

I was expecting the program to open. I was not expecting an MSDOS Terminal. But I clicked on that and viola -

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 6.36.13 PM.png



Well would ya look at that!

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 7.18.43 PM.png

Still - have no idea what Im doing … yet.