Kerkythea on Mac Install problems


I downloaded the Kerkythea folder and put it in my applications box.
But when I click on it to run it says,
“Kerkythea” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Whats up with that? Way round?

That sounds like Mac’s security settings. What OS version are you using?

Mac OS Sierra

You should have read the following on the Kerkythea site before downloading the Mac version.

Note: Please note that Kerkythea is not compatible with the MacOSX 10.12 Sierra version.

That message is from the OS X Gatekeeper. Ordinarily you get past it by locating the app in Finder, right-click and choose Open from the menu. This assures OS X that a person is demanding the operation. Afterwords it will run by the normal double-click.

But that doesn’t matter when, as @DaveR pointed out, the app itself isn’t compatible with your version of OS X!

ah thanks guys.

thats terrible news.

anybody recommend any rendering programmes similar to kerkythea for clay renders?

Have a look at Thea Render. Lots of SketchUp users use Vray so you could look at that, too.

I have managed to get Kerkythea to run on macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra. I haven’t had time to test it extensively, but right now it is working on rendering one of my SketchUp models, so at least the basics seem ok!

It was failing due to incompatible paths to X11 dylibs. If you are daring enough to patch the binary, PM me and I’ll provide details.

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