Keeping track of revisions with Auto- text

I’m trying to think of a way that I can keep track of revisions in layout with auto text. I currently have a document set up to update the date every time it is saved. Is there a way to do a similar thing but with a plain number format instead of a date?

You can use the file name and include the revision number in the file name. If you don’t want this text to appear in the document, put the text box outside the paper space.

Well I actually want the revision number to be in the document and not have to change the document name/date every time I make a revision because that could be multiple in the same day. I basically want to have a number in my layout file that says 1…I hit save…2…etc…Or something close to this.

At this time there isn’t an option to just have a revision number as you’re looking for. You could use something like "revised "

Okay, thanks for your time. I think I can make something work with the document name outside the paper space.

This is a very short and helpful video on a technique to properly name files for any documents you make. Records Management 101: Document naming conventions - YouTube

In my files, Rev0 is the original document that was made with no changes, Rev1, Rev2, etc are all of the revision documents. Hope that helps.