AutoText, please change CurrentDate setting options to include time

To assist with tracking document revisions it would be incredibly helpful to include the option of adding current time to the CurrentDate format settings.

We are given the option to display any combination of day, month, and year in alpha, numeric and even three letter abbreviations in any order. Why not allow more specificity by including options for time in hours minutes and seconds if we wish? If you make more than one revision in a day this allows the end user to verify they have the latest set of drawings in hand.


There are a lot of additional AutoText items that would be useful to have. For example, you can have page number already but not total number of pages. In a drawing set, it is frequently useful to know both the page and how many there are.

I would also very much like to have the file path name besides just the name.


Yes, file path would also be very useful.

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