Time, date and file stamp with print out


I would like to add it to print out to update changes. Any ideas?


It can be done in the LayOut application with auto text. LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro.



Thanks, it looks like I will have to get my crow bar out and purchase the Pro version.



I have the same question using Layout Pro 2015.

How does’ one code the auto-text to grab the current time?
< DateModified> has the format MMM DD, YYYY (user customizable)
< CurrentTime>? or something similar HH:MM




Sorry, I was mistaken - there is no time stamp autotext, only dates are covered.



You may want to download the extension “SU Clock”. This tool is part of the Fredo6 collection and can be found at the SketchUcation plugin store. This addon records the amount of time spent on a model in SU. It’s not exactly what is being requested but there may be some value in using it.