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Is it possible, when using sections, to section only part of an image… I wanting to show a cross section of a hole under construction by a piling rig, but I don’t want the drilling tool sectioned when it’s shown in the hole…

Is this achievable using the section tool?



Yes, that should be possible.
Fast tube search ‘sketchup section’ gave me this sample:

Hope this works for you?

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I should just have a play with things before asking questions…

Thanks for the reply - that will be useful.

The solution to my task is to perform the section, then make it all a group. Anything added after is unaffected by the section…

This is just a test, but the effect is what I was looking for…

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If it works, it works :slight_smile: :+1:

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The point being that the section works within context, so if you open a group for editing and insert a section it will only slice within that groups context.
You don’t need to make the section first.