Selective Section Cut Animation (Cut Only a Group) / Partially Animate Show Groups of Objects

Hi everyone! I’m new to SketchUp. I’ve been watching the tutorials about Section cut and it’s quite dandy how I can animate the section plane from a plan cut to the whole building. However, I was wondering if what I want is possible in SketchUp alone:

  • First animate the walls of the office being “built”, using a plan cut to another section cut above the roof in another scene
  • Then animate the lights appearing with section cuts
  • Then animate (with section cuts) the pillars and furniture being “built”, i.e. use a section cut animation only for the group of furnitures
  • Then finally animate in the textures of the floor and walls

Is this possible in SketchUp alone? If not, I was thinking of exporting the portions and then animating them in AfterEffects.

Thank you to the community in advance!

I figured it out! The trick is to make groups and place the Section Planes INSIDE the group using Edit Group. I found a video that showed the technique despite explaining it poorly.

Also, I just realized that I was using the wrong keyword, hence my inability to find tutorials about it. The keyword is “SketchUp construction sequence”. I was trying to find “SketchUp building animation tutorial”.