Section a part of a model, 3D Floor plan

Hi, everyone.

I have a question that concerns sections, can you make a section that does not affect the whole model, but only a part. I am in the process of making a 3D floor plan and would like a section that cuts only the upper part of the walls that are closest to me.
Like this image:

The reason why I want to crop only one part, is to be able to do different scenes and then in an easy way only crop the part closest to me by activating the section.

If it is not possible to do “sections”, is there an extension that you can do it with?

Yes, put the Section inside a Group.

You could do if you know how to use Groups, and you create your walls in such a way that you can section them as you’ll wish.

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You might also consider that a section plan can be rotated. Maybe it would work for you to create the kinds of views you’re after.

Awesome, I always use Groups. It was that simple :slight_smile:

Thanks alot mihai.s.

That’s a smart idea DaveR, i’ll try that out.