Just need simple iron or galvanized pipe objects..any suggestions?


I am designing a few pieces of furniture for the house and we are not going full out industrial and jumping the “everything made of pipes” bandwagon; however, I do want to incorporate a few accents on certain pieces. I cannot for the life of me find any good extensions or libraries that have just regular old basic household 1"-2" iron or galvanized type pipe models to use. Everything I find is WAY more than I need (ahem, Engineering Toolbox). I figure it was just a few pieces so I could just sketch the out myself, but it just doesn’t look right.

Anybody know where I can get something like this?


Are you looking for models of furniture pieces or just pipe components?


Pipe components only.


Many if not all the components in The Engineering Tool Box are based on ANIS standards etc.
If those are not acceptable then what kind of special pipe are you looking for. Suggest to post skip file of one you think does not look right??


What didn’t look right about what you drew?


I get that the Engineering toolbox is very robust but it is like trying to dig a 2 inch hole with a backhoe…it’s just too much…it takes so long to find what I need as there are so many options to be filtered through. With the popularity of the piping nowadays for things other than plumbing I was hoping maybe there was something else. If not, then I’ll either use the toolbox ot just bypass it altogether and work it into the design when building. Thanks.


The biggest part that didn’t look right was the elbows and T’s. Sure I can get a basic pipe shape but I guess I just don’t know how to make a cylinder 90 or 45 degree bend.


For elbows, Follow Me is probably your best bet Draw the centerline and a circle for the profile.

For tees and wyes, two cylinders that meet will do the trick.

I wouldn’t worry about making overly detailed drawings of the joints. Keep them simple and easy to work with.


You might also have a look at the Scaffolding clamps and tube fittings I drew, in low poly form, on the 3d warehouse.

I see when I click on the picture above, which is pasted from the URL for the fittings in the 3Dwarehouse, nothing happens.

Here’s a text link - copy and paste it to your browser, or when accessing 3Dwarehouse from within SU.

You can scale them to a smaller size, and edit them if needed to remove the Allen screws and threaded sockets.

They work best if you also use the plugin Pipe Along Path - that way, you draw a line where you want the pipe to go, select it, then start that plugin to draw the pipe.


Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions. Ironically, I ended up going back to the engineering toolbox after I realized I was trying to be too specific, I was able to find pipes there that worked just fine and once I colored them, they look close enough. Thanks!


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