Metal pipe and wood furniture

I’m looking tocreate pipe and wood furniture and I have it kn my head, I have the pipe sizes but it Will be easier to buy if I have exactly what I need.

The question is: can I create and add the pipe sizes a niples I’m planning to use in sketchup in order to know what I need to buy?

Thanks in advance!

Yes. you can! Have any examples or pictures?

Also check this plugin:

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Thank you Mike.

I dont really have a picture as I have it un my head, but a good example or closer would be this

I Will take a look at that plugin


Some years ago (back in the days of SketchUp 8) I designed a desk with wood and pipe. No extensions needed. The fittings aren’t terribly difficult to model. They don’t need to be modeled with a high degree of detail and you might find suitable components in the 3D Warehouse to use.

Thank you Dave thats exactly what Im looking for. Do you think I can do it in the recent versión? Do I have to create the pipes and niples? Sorry for all the questions but I am really New at furniture modeling in 3D so I dont want to spend more than I should.

Thanks in advance for any advice on how to Get started.

Yes. You can do it in current versions of SketchUp. Pipes are just cylinders–don’t bother making them tubes. You don’t care about the inside walls of them. The various fittings don’t need any internal detail either so they should be easy enough to model. You can look up the various fittings and get more than enough dimensions to make simple models of them. You can get more than enough dimensions to make complex models for that matter. Just don’t. No value in it. The one thing you need to figure out is how deep will pipes thread into the fittings before they get tight because that will affect the distance between fittings.

Make components of them as you go so you can reuse them.

FWIW, for pipe and fittings I would get here in the US, I would use McMaster-Carr as a resource for the dimensions of the fittings. For example:

Your profile indicates you are using the web-based version of SketchUp. While you can certainly do the modeling in SketchUp Free, keep in mind you can’t use the extension referred to by @MikeWayzovski. If you were to switch to a desktop client version of SketchUp you could use the extension if you want (I still don’t think it warrants an extension since none of it is difficult to model) and you could use something like the CutList extension to create a shopping list of the parts you need.