JS Bezier Curve Manager Plugin Missing License, SKP wont speak to me because my support subscription has expired

I recently purchased the JS bezier curve manager, however the license is missing and I’m not able to get it installed. I’ve followed all instructions in detail, restarted my computer several times, contacted the plugin creator, etc, etc…I’ve been using .skp since 2004, I’m currently running on the Pro 2018 version, and am unable to get help from .skp directly after all these years and dollars spent because my support subscription has expired. Any of you kind people out there have any advice? I purchased the plugin within the extension warehouse, and have attempted multiple times to install within .skp. My extension manager shows “license missing” for this particular plugin. Thank you,

Did you try contacting the developer through the Extension Warehouse page?

I use Fredo6’s Bezier Spline and FredoSpline tools which have Bezier spline management built in. Haven’t ever had a need for the one you are referring to so I’m afraid not much more help. Sorry.

Thanks, Dave, I appreciate the reply. Yes, I have contacted the developer directly and was informed that licensing issues are managed by .skp, not the developer.

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Maybe tomorrow @colin will be around and have time to look into it for you.

That would be great, thanks again!

There was a problem that was fixed earlier today, which affected paid extensions. I do see that you have paid for the extension, perhaps removing the extension and download/install it again, will fix things. Make sure you are signed in with the email address you use in the forum.

If that still doesn’t work, contact customer support to ask for a refund, then try purchasing it again.

You can contact support without needing to sign in, on this page:


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Thank you, Colin. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.