Job for assistance / teaching in real estate digital model case

I am part of a project team developping a land-plot in Switzerland, Europe. My idea is to show the investor in a digital model (of the smaller and greater area as outlined in project details in link below) todays possibilities in the fields of digital vizualizations and search for partners for the tasks and deliverables outlined in the link here:

PW is (removed).

Please PM me with any suggestions and offers on how to best proceed. Thanks, Thomas.

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Hello Thomas,
I was sent this link to visit. Glad I did. I live in Switzerland and have several projects similar to this I made in the past. I will read the available documentation and send a private message.

This is a professional use-case and requires a SketchUp Pro license, so Mr. Engel you should protect yourself and be sure that any contractor or person you hire does the work on a licensed copy of SketchUp Pro.

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Agreed. A project of this caliber needs to be conducted professionally and not given to anyone using a Make or free version, that’s for sure (including the legal implications). Hopefully we will see less and less of this issue with SU2017 being the last version of make available. We can only hope.

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And what this boils down to, is that professionals should (when making proposals on projects,) promote their compliance with software and other licenses; certifications / knowledge regarding codes and standards; and other such sundry capabilities and requirements they’ve met within the field, in order to do business professionally, competently and legally.

So the suggestion to clients making RFQs / RFPs is, you should expect to get this kind of information in a professional quote or proposal.

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Thanks Dan for input and details. Sure the solution I am looking for should be done on legal licences.


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