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Hi Friends My self Hiren Maniyar and I am doing freelance work on google sketch up 8 pro.I need work to show my ability I have experiance in 3d architecture of residence and commercial buildings I am commfertable with part time online work.Wages are negotiable I agree to show my work my mail id is any one who are interested working with me please contact me
Thank you.


You can get more work if you work with the latest version, SketchUp 8 is 8 years behind…


Hello and welcome to the SketchUp Community Forum!

It’s wonderful that you come to this community with a desire to help others. I want to offer some suggestions for making your involvement in this forum a singularly positive experience.

If you want to participate as a service provider, that’s great. You should check out the recent posts in the “Commercial and Collaborative Work” category and respond where you see fit. Your profile shows you are using SketchUp version 8. If you propose to collaborate with others for compensation, you may be at a disadvantage by using such an outdated version. Although newer versions of SketchUp are backward compatible, you may find sending your earlier file versions to be somewhat tedious for those on the receiving end.

Because you want to solicit work through your avowed modeling skills you should show some evidence of your capabilities in the development and presentation of SketchUp models. Probably the preferred technique for illustrating such capability would be to simply provide a url link to your work in lieu of uploading individual files.

I will further point out that it is always important to pay attention to correct spelling and proper use of grammar, particularly when seeking professional consulting project work. In reviewing your profile, it is presumed that English is not your native tongue, so you are advised to make use of any of the various online writing aids, such as dictionaries, thesauri, composition guides, etc.

It’s important also to remember to be civil when responding to comments from other posters. There have been some occasions where conversations became confrontational and this should be discouraged. As a new member of this online community, you should become familiar with the GUIDELINES for using this forum. These are provided here as a link…just click the bold all caps text to be directed to them.

It is helpful to review many posts to get a feel for how this community operates. I think you will find an overwhelming spirit of cooperation. Many participants have been helpful in providing educational and technical assistance especially to new users.

One last thought…your user profile is incomplete. Please include your actual graphics adapter name (2 gb tells us nothing). The profile info is useful for others to assist when you post issues you may encounter.

On that note, feel free to ask questions, to seek help when needed, and to offer assistance when you can. You can attach images or SU files to illustrate concerns and/or potential solutions, and you can link to relevant url addresses if desired.

This forum benefits from the involvement of its numerous members and your involvement will serve to enhance such benefit.

Welcome and enjoy!


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