Jhs powerbar upright extruder issue

The jhs power bar upright extruder is not working. I use Sketchup 2023, and I choose the path and side to move and run the upright extruder and there is no response. The jhs power bar is 2020.1. Is it wrong for me to use it?
Or is there any issue with hs power bar upright extruder?

Upright Extruder works fine in SketchUp 2023. Maybe try installing it as a stand alone from the Extension Warehouse and run it. Or share your model so we can see how you have it set up. Maybe it’s your model.

The Eneroth Upright Extruder (eneroth3) works with SketchUp Pro Version 23.1.340 … or at least it does on my Windows machine.
Could your problem be a JHS Power Bar issue?
Upload a .SKP file with the path and the profile to be extruded … and I’ll test it on my machine.

JHS.skp (1.9 MB)
If you look inside the file, it’s the second. I was watching a video that tells me about jhs by myself, and I was learning while making an example. But strangely, I can’t use only the upright extruder. I don’t know if I made the wrong example.

What do you mean standalone? Does it mean that plugins exist independently of jhs?

Op doesn’t want to know.

The JHS power bar is a collection of plug-ins from different developers like Eneroth, the developer of upright extruder. If you place the cursor on any of the tools of the power bar it will show you the name and the developer of the specific tool. If a tool doesn’t work you could try downloading the single extension. Some tools on the jhs toolbar are from TIG, I’m not 100% sure but I think that TIG’s plug-ins are available only on the sketchucation store.

The example seems to work OK on my machine. Select the path and the profile … and then click on the Upright Extrude tool.
Meanwhile, if you want to install the Eneroth Upright Extruder (eneroth3) by itself … simply do a search for “Upright Extruder” in the Extension warehouse.

The plug-in you used is a standalone plug-in, right? Did you use jhs powerbar’s upright extruders? I don’t want to install any more plug-ins, so I want to make the most of the features of jhs powerbar. But everyone is using standalone plug-ins. Is jhs upright extruders inferior?

It seems evident that JHS Powerbar needs some love. All of the extension included in it are available as stand alone extensions. Nothing against the author but while it might seem convenient to have all of those extensions in a single download, it puts onus on the author to make updates when any of the extensions get updated. I didn’t go through it all but if it’s not working on your machine, either the code that calls Upright Extruder or the version of Upright Extruder is apparently in need of updating.

Personally I think it makes more sense to install the extensions individually so you can update them when needed.

I am with @DaveR and @Box … install the extensions you need/want. You can then add them to the toolbar and/or access them thru Extensions.
There might be some advantage to a “Toolbar Extension” … IF all of the extensions were BOTH loaded automagically AND updated automagically. But it appears that may not be the case with the JHS Powerbar.

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