Can't get upright extruder to work

Good morning.

i am working with the Upright Extruder tool. i was following along with YouTube videos. For the shape you see on the screen shot, The Sketchup “Follow Me” tool works perfectly.

But the Extruder tool does not work at all. I highlight both the face and the edge? And i keep receiving error messages: “Must choose an edge to extrude” and with highlighting only the edges, i receive: “Must pick face to extrude”. Either way, there’s no extrusion at all with this JHS tool.

Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong? I know this tool works perfectly, and it definitely must be something i’m screwing up, or don’t understand on my end.

I use Eneroth Upright Extruder, I have never used the JHS tool. But with Eneroth’s extension if you choose a line to extrude along that is parallel with with the face to be extruded it creates errors. The whole point of an upright extruder is that the face does not change orientation along the path, so when the face comes to a line that is parallel with itself it tries to extrude in line with the face, effectively giving a thickness of 0. Have you tried another path without that does not include a parallel line? Native follow me rotates the face to remain perpendicular with the path at all times so this problem does not occur. Here is what Eneroth’s upright extruder does with that path, it tries but obviously has errors.

Thank you for your reply!

I stretched out the line exactly the way you had illustrated. Still nothing happens. Here are the screen shots.

The tubular one next to the Extruder problem is a Native Follow Me. It worked perfectly. But still nothing is happening when i hit the Extruder icon after highlighting.

and in this screen shot, i made sure the edges were on axis. blue, green and red. :frowning:

Thank you for helping me out.

Try the link for the extension I posted. It’s free and works great.

BOOM! Worked like a charm. It happened instantly, and looks better than my Follow Me tool. Thanks a million times, Endless Fix.

Why it doesn’t work on the Toolbar, i can’t seem to figure out. It must be my MAC. And i’m using the updated version 2021 of the JHS toolbar. :frowning:

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