JHS_PowerBar on Sketchup 2019

JHS_PowerBar_2015_v2.4 Isn’t working on sketchup 2019.
where can i get the updated version or when will they update it?

It’s available from Sketchucation. Last update appears to have been last month.

but, it isn’t working on sketchUp 2019.

According to the thread, it has been updated for SketchUp 2019. Other users have reported that it does work in 2019. I’m not the author. I can’t do more than tell you what it says.



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Thanks man!
Found it and it’s working!!..:heart_eyes:

share jhs powerbar download link for sketchup 2020

The latest version is marked for 2019. You can try it as see if it works in 2020. I provided the link previously.