Its impossible to smooth uneven surface in sketchup

hello. is anyone knows how to smooth some surface in this software? to smooth ex sofa or armchair its impossible with plenty of different extensions…
look at screen - how to do it, which extension to use? basic tools dont work. sculpt extension does not work - maybe someone knows what settings in sclupt to use? or maybe some other extension for smooth material? like ironing in sketchup. of course basic tools like soften smooth edges does not work with such a problem.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using?

Are you trying to get more rounded surfaces oor just get rid of those exposed edges? How will you use the model in the end?

This sofa seems to have been modeled in another software - hence the extra detail you don’t need. Try looking at Skimp or Artisan, or Transmutr. They’re all paid extensions but they all have geometry reduction tools which may reduce those ‘bumps’.

hello. i just need to get rid of those uneven edges. interesting that only smooth tools does not work here correctly. all other tools works. what solution do you propose? how make the sculpt or other tool work with this creases? actually majority of fabric firniture models comes with many imperfactions

Hard to say without seeing your model. Might only need to soften coplanar edges.

sure if it would be so easy i would not be here asking :slight_smile: 50 proc of fabric models are like this and no tips or tutorials how to fix easly those hard edges.

Well, if you share the model file we might be able to give you some tutorials for dealing with it.

Soften coplaner and full soften does not do it?

Use selection toys: select only the edges, then right click and > hide.

Share the model