Smoothing out wrinkles on a sofa

Hello SketchUp Experts :),

I have been working on this sofa for quite a while to make it nice and smooth, eliminating wrinkles one by one but I can’t get rid of these final ones (where black lines are visible). I have worked with Artisan Organic but I’ve got to a point where it was always tearing the surface one way or another; with Soap Bubble I’ve created a patch that would create tension somewhere else. I would be very grateful for help :rose:

Kind regards,Sofa1.skp (1.7 MB)

How about just hiding them? Shift+Eraser.

Thank you DaveR.
I was thinking of getting rid of that wrinkle but I guess it’s barely visible.

I think with some additional work, you could eliminate it altogether. Or a different method of drawing it in the first place would avoid the bad geometry. But in this case, is there value in doing that or does it make more sense to just get on with the project? You have to decide that, of course.

I think I would have avoided some of the troubles if I had modelled only half of sofa, copy and flip as making everything from one piece in this case produces lots of tension.

That would be one way to do it. There are other ways, too. This shape is really fairly simple. I might have drawn it as a box with the notch cut out of it and then used FredoCorner to round the corners and edges.

The form of the sofa is not a problem but adding cushioning effect on all surfaces and edges.

I had a client ask me to remove a wrinkle from a bedcover in a 3d render of a hotel room interior… after another 3 hours work it was as she asked… but I put a 3d fly on the pillow… :)… I charge by the hour now :smile:

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Oh no! How did you manage to remove that? :slight_smile:

with difficulty :slight_smile: but it was the “are you kidding me lady” that was harder to stomach :slight_smile: