Issues on a model when zooming


I’m drawing a house, when zooming in a particular corner everything disappears and I cant continue working on it.
the first two images represent a regular zoom in a corner, the other two represent the strange erase which occurs in that particular corner.


Thanks a lot

It’s clipping. Search the forum and the SketchUp help for lots of info on how to deal with it.

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The only solution was to copy the house on a new file.

Thank you for the info!!

That suggests that the original file either had some geometry a long way from the rest of the model or the model itself was a long way from the model origin.

Nope, I already tried those solutions, there was something about the general document corrupted

That sounds like a different issue when the model dispersers completely due to invalid coordinates. It sounds like the original model has some hidden geometry far away that didn’t get copied over.

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You might also want to consider the commercial extension ClippingPlane