Issue with material application


I am trying to apply the same glass material to all windows of an office tower (to export to Twinmotion).

I first selected a floor group, then selected a specific window, then applied “Translucent Glass Grey”. It becomes a light grey/blue opaque color.

When instead I do NOT select a specific floor group, but just apply the material, then the entire floor group becomes “Translucent Glass Grey” (including floor plate, the small ledge between floors, columns etc)

Why can’t I apply the material only to a specific window?

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Your glass panels have thickness and although you’ve applied the material to the outside surfaces, the inside surfaces are still painted with the default material. Apply the material on the inside surfaces and it’ll work fine.

By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your file once in awhile.
Screenshot - 3_29_2022 , 10_01_23 AM
72% file size reduction.
V2 purged.skp (5.4 MB)