Materials: glass and mirrors colour Issue

Shortly after installing Pro I was using Materials: Glass and Mirrors, in particular, “Translucent Glass Gold” which although the swatch shows it as “gold” all of a sudden began to come out on my drawing as blue. I’ve since updated to version 23.1.340, but no change. Every time I select “Translucent Glass Gold” it is blue on my sketch very much or identical to “Translucent Glass Blue”.

Does anyone know what’s gone wrong?



This issue had been addressed quite some time ago here :

Color not right

I’m surprised they still not have fixed it.

you can download the original translucent gold material that had been provided by @MikeWayzovski on the above post and load it to fix that

You can also just check the “colorize” box in material edit tab

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Thanks for your help Paul,
I downloaded it and tried it but weirdly when I changed the colour on one component (which was originally solid) the other component ( I only had 2 in the sketch) changed to Gold the subject component changed to blue - very weird.

I cannot edit the stock Translucent Glass Gold in the materials list - everything is greyed out.

You can’t edit it by simply clicking on it, but you can by first applying it to a surface or loading it pressing “Alt” while using the paint bucket.

I assume you used solid tools on one of the components ? if so it likely made it unique in the process, explaining why it did not change for all of them.

Anyway, ticking the colorize box after loading the material as explained above should do the trick and change every object painted with this material.

You can only edit In Model materials in SketchUp. You could do as Paul indicates and edit the material In Model. You don’t even need to apply it to any faces Just right click on its thumbnail in the Glass and Mirrors collection and choose Add to Model. There are several option available if you don’t want to have to edit the material every time you use it. Set the Materials panel to In Model and open the secondary pane. Set the secondary to Glass and Mirrors. After you edit the color in the In Model panel, drag its thumbnail from In Model to Glass and Mirrors and replace it.
Another option is to open the .skm file using an unzip utility like 7-Zip, edit the image in your favorite image editor and replace the cyan colored image to make it yellow or whatever shade of gold you want it to be and replace the image in the .skm. The first option is quick and easy, though.