Issue creating a surface

Hi, it seems that i have trouble making a surface for my wall.
When i draw the line A i thought that Sketchup will auto complete my surface. (the surface i am expecting is the area defined by endpoints 1,2,3,4) . I tried redrawing the lines over those 4 points but the surface will not get created. What is possibly going wrong.
For reference, it is only my 2nd day of experience using sketchup.

You four points probably aren’t in the same plane, so won’t make a face. Something’s not straight or level.*

It’s very easy for things to get that way.

Usually, the best thing to do is to redraw it taking greater care to use Sketchup’s inferencing to keep things in line with the axes, and/or with other existing objects.

Alternatively, you could try first deleting one side of the wall of which 1-2-3-4 is the top.

Then use the pushpull tool to create the other face, top, bottom and end faces all in one go. You’ll probably want to check that the top edge is level and on-axis first. Draw a line from one end, but tap the left or right arrow key to force the line to the green or red axis, and check that the other end is level with the wall top there.

*PS Or possibly there isn’t a line at 1-2 in the same context as the wall. If the right hand wall is a component (as it should be) it won’t interact with the geometry of the wall you are trying to draw.

Another way to try would be to use the Rectangle tool instead of the Line tool to draw the top of the wall.

Could you upload your model so someone can have a look? Use the seventh icon from the left, above where you type your post. If the file is bigger than 3Mb, use the 3dwarehouse, or a file sharing service, and post a link here.

Another point to check is if the 4 edges are in the same context (not in different groups/components). If you draw a diagonal line and there won’t be created two triangle faces, this can be the reason…

thank you for the help! I guess that there must be some issue with 1,2,3,4 points not being on the same plane. but i am still struggling to draw that surface. I have uploaded the model and i would appreciate if you offer some guidance. I will probably need to if i am to make that wall about 2 metres high in the entire plot i am drawing.PlotLayoutElevations.skp (438.6 KB)

Even though not familiar with ‘context’ it seems that i do get 2 triangles when i draw the diagonal. So it mean that would confirm that they are not on the same plane (which i now understand why they are not) but my issue is still how to draw a (top) surface for that wall

Here’s one way:

I move/copied the short edge from the top end to the bottom end, redrew the long inside edge. Extended it parallel with itself until it touched the bottom wall, then drew the new short edge on bottom wall to make the face. Then deleted old edges to tidy up.


Well, that seems to do the job. I will give it a go! Many thanks.

Here’s another way if you like the top level.


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