Is this considered normal?

Is this considered normal? And if so, how can one foresee or predict? How do I know which lines should be drawn first?
If not, is it planned to fix it?

I wasn’t expecting it. It happens on Mac too.

No, it is not normal, but it is a known, very old bug. You get the same if you draw a rectangle inside a larger face with a corner touching the perimeter.

It is a bug sometimes called the “bow tie” bug because of the strange nature of how the edges and faces are created. It happens when an “inner loop” (i.e. face inset in a larger face) touches the perimeter (“outer loop”) of the large face in certain ways. I’ve never seen a discussion from the developers about why it is either impossible or unreasonable to fix, but as @Anssi notes, it has been there for a very long time.

True. And although I have no idea why it happens I suspect it has something to do with the order of how vertices are created. See the differences in the animation above. The first face separation looks identical to the second when drawing the four edges. But the outcome of the first reveals the bug.

I will show more

Notice that the face has disappeared when trying to draw a line.
And the plane of the window can not be selected.

This wouldn’t be related to winding rules such as those used in Postscript would it?

winding rules - it’s fine.
But it is important to know not why this is happening, but how to avoid it and what rule to apply?
Here is an object, in which way can it be drawn without adventures? There is a way! And not one! But how to know them in advance?

This is a long term bug that has been discussed many times.
There has yet to be an explanation or fix given.
Here is one of the other threads.

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Might as well start the new year off on a grumpy note. This is a long standing example of the kind of thing users mean when they plead for the team to fix existing bugs before launching off on new adventures such as Sketchup Free :smiling_imp:


Agreed, especially when users start to get wrong information due to this:
The ‘non existing’ face gets subtracted from the total area, displaying a wrong area.


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