Is this article spreading misinformation?

I randomly googled “SketchUp 2023 news” and this article was among the first results that came up. Reading through, I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or if I’m in the wrong and I really can’t find some of the features mentioned there. According to the article:

As far as I’m aware, you cannot have more than one active Section Cut in SketchUp, you cannot create your own Live Components (yet), and for sure you cannot choose a different Style for a random component of your choice. Or am I really in the wrong?

The only thing I see that is possibly misleading is that you can apply a style to individual components or groups. It is possible to do that in LayOut with stacked viewports.

As for multiple active section planes, that’s actually been possible for a long time. You can only have one active section cut in a given context but you can have multiple section cuts active in a scene.

As for working with tags, the Tag tool makes it easier to put tags on the objects in your model. Highlight the desired tag in the Tags panel, get the Tag tool and click on the objects you want to tag.

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Hey Dave, thanks for the reply.

I was aware that you can have multiple active cuts if you put them inside groups/components. The article states that 2023 now allows multiple section planes, which led me to believe that they updated the sections, and now you can have multiple active planes without grouping. The wording of the article seems a bit off in my opinion, hence my confusion. Thanks for clarifying!

I’m not sure who the author of the article actually is but I think they stretched the truth a bit. I’ll bet the article wasn’t written by anyone at SketchUp.


@sketchupguru probably :slight_smile:

the phrasing is a bit misleading yeah, the section plane thing is not new to 2023, nor is the tag thing. and style builder is a tool to make your own style but no, you can’t apply a specific style to a specific group in SU as Dave said.

indeed you can, there is even a dedicated section on the forum ! but it’s not easy, it takes some learning first :slight_smile:

(ok not an actual section, it’s part of SketchUp Labs )

I mean, this is also very misleading

So, SketchUp doesn’t support multi threading. no 3d software does.

there was something in the releases notes about using multithreading to save files I think, I can’t go check, the release notes page is broken tonight, but that’s widely different.

so many approximations and incorrect phrasing, almost makes me wondering how much of an human input was put into writing this article… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep – my immediate reaction was LLM.