Is there no way to pull/extend 2d ovals from an edge midpoint?

Unless I’m missing something here (as I am very new to Sketchup so I could just be clueless about this…)

I don’t see how you can push/pull a flat drawn oval from just one of it’s axis edge midpoints.

In other words, let’s say I want to draw a wedding ring which has an ellipse (oval) shaped “comfort fit” shape to it.

So I first draw a circle on the horizontal axis. I then delete the inner circle and just have the round line edge. I then used the plugin (tools on surface) to draw an ellipse which will give me a very close proximity to the shape I want. But before I use the “follow me tool” to create a wedding band along the circle path…

I’d like to be able to pick a left or right midpoint of the oval(elipse) and pull/drag from one of the edges of the 2d oval in order to control how elliptical I make the oval before I use the “follow me tool”.

I seem to only be able to make the entire oval equally bigger or smaller and not really be able to control how the dimensions change.

Must I have to draw a perfect oval that I like from scratch first?


Could you post a SketchUp file with an example of your setup?

Push/Pull doesn’t work on edges. It works on faces.

Could it be you’re talking about using the Scale tool? Have you learned about the modifier keys and how they work in conjunction with the particular scale handle you grab?

I’m guessing you haven’t found the scale tool yet. Oops, posted as Dave was adding his scale paragraph.

Hello. Thank you for the reply.

When I get home I will look into using the modifier keys because yes, I’m talking about a 2d drawing of an oval, not a 3d model (will use folllow me tool once my oval is perfect.

I think you are correct as to what I need to do.

I assume the modifier keys will allow me to extend the 2d oval edge the way I want to instead of just scaling the whole thing?

This is the scale tool. The first stretch is without modifier so leaves the opposite point fixed. The second stretch is with modifier, which leaves the center point fixed.

It might. It depends upon what you want to do. And it might be that you need to explode the curve and only scale part of profile for the ring. Or maybe you need to start with something other than an elliptical profile.

As an example, I started with the circle on the left for the profile and scaled it to be elliptical. Then I exploded the curve and selected only the top 8 edges of the ellipse which I scaled down to 0.5. I repeated that for the bottom 8 edges as well… After running TIG-weld (from Sketchucation) on the edges, I ran Follow Me.

Dave, is that Elvish writing I can see on the ring?

Yes, the grips plus the SHIFT or CTRL ( on PC) are the modifier keys and you have the choice of applying the degree of ellipse to the path or the target shape. I achieve the shape you are looking for…

You weren’t supposed to be able to see that, :wink:

Thank you so much! I should have spent more time checking all the tools.

I printed it out and threw it on the fire. Then the writing showed up.