Is there anyone who has issues with SU and Enscape on M1 Pro 14 inch

Recently, I changed my laptop to M1 pro 14 inch with 32GB of Unified Memory and I believe it was one of the recommended setup for Enscape but it works very bad and also sketch up as well. With my old mac book pro (more than 5 years old model), I only used Sketch up but only even when it comes to Sketch up, now it’s worse on my new machine than the old mac book pro.

Could you give me advice to improve it?
I see some one says actually SU works really well on their M1 so I wonder what’s wrong with my PC…

You haven’t provided your OS information in your forum profile nor in your post.
This information would be very important to answer your question and also to a lot of other questions.
That is why this information is asked for when you fill out your profile!
Please update your forum profile by clicking on the green circle with the R in the right top corner of the screen. Then preferences and again preferences…

Thank you for your advice and sorry for my poor understanding.
I think I updated my profile. Hope it works. Thanks!

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