M1Pro Performance Issues with SU Pro 2021

Howdy all, curious to see if anyone has any thoughts on the issue of laggy/slow performance within SU Pro 2021 on a new M1 Mac environment.

I’ve just updated from a late 2013 MBP w/ 16GB ram to a 16" MBP M1pro chip with 16GB ram. From reviews that I’d read, I expected this new machine to be smooth as butter. It has been far from it, performing actually worse than my 2013 machine in basic tasks like orbiting, especially with shadows on. Very jerky and halted, pretty disappointing.

Any thoughts here? I have the option of returning this machine through Amazon until January, and jumping up to a 32GB version. Do people think this will be resolved once SU2022 comes out, hopefully with native M1/ARM processing?

Thanks for any insight here.

I would definitely go for 32 GB RAM. Actually. I definitely DID go for 32 GB of RAM. As far as I understand the performance of the M1 that makes it interesting ist the MultiCore Performance - but Sketchup only uses one Core. (Which ist not a bad thing because you have more than one app and they can use different cores. So - Sketchup needs: One Core plus a lot of RAM… :slight_smile: You need RAM.

It’s been discussed at length here: Mac Book Pro 2021 16" M1 Pro or Max - #8 by napperkt

Having said that: Sketchup doesn’t run natively (yet) and as long as that is the case there is still room for improvement. I also experience some graphical glitches and Sketchup is one of my main applications so I can’t wait for a native version. The rest of the MacBook Pro M1 still makes it a VERY worthwhile machine. Battery life, general performance, coolness of the machine, that very nice display. A semi-smooth Sketchup will come eventually. Hopefully.

I think.

Thanks for the reply… Sounds like I’d probably be smart to swap out this machine for a 32GB model. Still, I’m very surprised that this fancy new 16GB isn’t keeping up with a 2013 16GB MBP. Fairly disappointing after dropping $3K. Fingers crossed for a M1 capable version of SU soon…

RAM seems to be what this baby needs… :slight_smile:

Yep, that chews up 16GB pretty quick! Hey, for what its worth, I’ve found a massive difference in performance from turning profiles off in the Style editor… from super chunky orbiting with my space mouse to buttery smooth. Easy fix for the time being.