SU2022 performance with M1?

Hi, I’m wondering if anybody has anything to report about using SU2022 (Pro) with M1 Macs, now that it is optimized to work properly without Rosetta. I am hoping to soon buy a new MacBook Pro (32GB), but am hoping to learn if anyone has any positive or negative feedback on how the new release is playing with the new Mac hardware. I purchased a M1 MBP in December and ended up returning it after finding it to be slower running Sketchup than my 2013 MBP… very much hoping that SU2022 resolves any lagging issues. Thanks for any beta!

If I do the benchmark test shown in this post:

I get 60 fps running as native, and 40 fps when running 2022 with Rosetta, which is the same figure I get with 2021. If I turn off Profiles I get 60 fps with Rosetta and 118 fps native. I have reason to believe that the test has an upper limit, so it’s likely that native is more than twice as smooth with Profiles turned off, and 50% faster with Profiles turned on.

Thanks Colin, love me some good quantitative data! Substantial performance jump it sounds like. You’ve given me the green light to spend a bunch o’ money.

Sorry about that! My own M1 Max cost quite a bit (64GB RAM, 4TB SSD).